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Join Family Improv Comedy Night With Jess Halpin

Family Improv Comedy Night will be instructed by Jess Halpin on Wednesday, February 22nd, from 6-8PM for families with kids aged 6 years and up!

This a great opportunity for families spend time together using their imaginations and building confidence. We'll start with warm ups and end with improv games designed for the whole family to participate in.

Jess Halpin says, "We’re all on the same big improv team and we’ll be cheering each other on through the class!"

  • Fun energetic warm ups to shake out the nerves and create a safe and supportive environment.

  • Improvisation games that always end in laughs! We'll use our imagination to interview animals, owning a make-believe store that stocks everything anyone could possibly imagine and riding on the kookiest pretend school bus that's ever existed!

Why Improv is a Worth While Way to Spend Family Time

Creativity, courage, and acceptance are three big teachings offered by improvisation. Getting up in front of a group of people and letting ideas flow can be nerve racking at first. Learning to do this in an environment that welcomes mistakes is so good for building confidence and individuality.

In Jess's words, "You can’t fail in improv! All ideas and suggestions are immediately agreed to and expanded on, which encourages limitless creativity. Improv is a major confidence booster as well, since we are doing a fun (and sometimes scary!) thing in public, it takes a lot of courage. It’s also wonderful for kids to see their grown ups taking risks and trying fun new things like comedy!" More often than following your words, kids will follow your example. When they see grownups taking creative risks, they'll feel safe to do the same, especially when it ends with laughter.

This class is designed to be supportive and fun. We will meet you where you are and cheer you on every step of the way. Everyone can be successful at improv and you’ll leave the class feeling like the improviser of the century!

ConnectEd & Inspired was established to encourage continuous growth through enrichment that nurtures the mind, body, and spirit. This organization also offers opportunities for students who learn and/or are educated in non-traditional ways to participate in classes that promote socialization, collaboration, and personal growth through semi-structured activities. Contact the studio with any questions at 781-480-1375.

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