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Chelcuterie is coming to ConnectED this Friday!

Chelcuterie by Chelsea LLC will be showing us how to create a mouth-watering charcuterie board this Friday, February 10th 2023, 7-9PM. Let's get to know Chelsea!

To find out more about the Chelcuterie Event visit the link below!

Chelsea is the founder, owner, and sole employee at Chelcuterie by Chelsea LLC. When the pandemic hit, Chelsea used charcuterie board creations as a hobby and creative outlet. Soon after she made her Instagram page, friends, family and strangers were asking if they could pay her for a custom made Charcuterie board. Chelsea looked into logistics and officially opened Chelcuterie by Chelsea LLC in 2020.

What Makes a Great Charcuterie Board?

Chelsea says, "I think the best part about a Charcuterie board is that it combines elements of all of the main flavor profiles together on one board! You get savory, salty, sweet, spicy, ect and each person can then make their own bites based on their preferred tastes."

We asked Chelsea, what makes a great charcuterie board. She believes, "we eat with our eyes first." She says "If the board you put together offers a good variety of flavor profiles and looks beautiful, your guests will gravitate towards it. I always say nothing brings people together like food, and charcuterie boards are one of the trendiest, and easiest ways to impress your guests!" On Friday, participants will learn Chelsea's technique on how to arrange that charcuterie board with a gravitation pull. We'll learn how to make salami roses and prosciutto ribbons.

Chelsea's favorite kind of Chelcuterie board has a theme and a ton of attention to detail. Check out one of her favorites here:

Holidays and Special Occasions

When it comes to the holidays, Chelsea works her magic. "We always have specials or offer boards in our standard sizes with the holiday theme in mind," Chelsea says. The idea is to create a festive board that builds on base ingredients. She explains, "If the holiday is known for a color scheme, see if any of the cheeses you love come with a rind in that color (example: Red wine soaked cheese for Valentine's day). Local stores usually have shaped cookies or candies that would help to bring out a theme, and when all else fails; use cookie cutters to make cheese and meat shapes!" These tips are sure to help you create a fabulous board for any holiday!

Shout Outs!

"A special shout out to Nadine at Connected for reaching out to me early on and blossoming our partnership. Another to Meg at ConnectED, the best workshop helper out there! Come join us for our upcoming Valentine's Day themed workshop on 2/10 to learn even more and make a beautiful heart shaped board to take home!" - Chelsea

ConnectEd & Inspired was established to encourage continuous growth through enrichment that nurtures the mind, body, and spirit. This organization also offers opportunities for students who learn and/or are educated in non-traditional ways to participate in classes that promote socialization, collaboration, and personal growth through semi-structured activities. Contact the studio with any questions at 781-480-1375.

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