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Introducing Arctic Adventures Week - Winter Break Drop-Off For Kids

Updated: Feb 10, 2023

Arctic Adventures is a drop-off program for kids 5 years and up from February 20th until February 23rd from 10AM-12PM every day.


Creativity and Learning Drop-off Program for Winter Break


From February 20th - 23rd from 10AM - 12PM


ConnectED & Inspired

138 S. Main Street Milford MA, 01757


For kids from 5 years old and up.


To add fun and creativity to Winter Break this February

What's it all about?

Each day features a different creative activity that engages participants and teaches all about the Arctic from animal life to survival skills. During the program, participants will explore habitats and adaptations that make the Arctic an ideal place for some creatures to live. Not only will we try out a variety of creative mediums, we will also conduct experiments and play games that help us understand how these concepts play an important role in the growth and development of various species. Join us for any day of the week or for the full 4-day-week!

  • On Monday, participants learn about the northern lights while creating them with watercolors. They’ll get creative and learn some new watercolor techniques with a guided northern lights and polar bear paint session.

  • On Tuesday, participants learn more about animal life and get to mold and glaze a clay penguin. Get your clay penguin back at the end of the week after kiln firing at ConnectED.

  • On Wednesday, participants will try out mixed media to create an Arctic mountain scene. Kids get to learn about the Arctic glaciers, aka heat reflectors that protect the Earth from the sun’s rays and get an understanding of the wildlife that roams the Arctic circle, from polar bears to snowy owls.

  • Finally, on Thursday, the last day of Arctic Adventure week, participants will use tiles to create a whale mosaic and learn about the whales that inhabit the Arctic, like belugas and bowheads.


Tuition for the full week costs $135.00 which includes all art materials for the painting, clay, mixed media and mosaic projects. Costs for the individual days are as follows:

  • Monday - Northern Lights $35.00, which includes materials for watercolors.

  • Tuesday - Clay Penguin $40.00, which covers costs for clay, glaze, instruction and kiln firing.

  • Wednesday - Mixed Media Glacier $35.00, which includes materials and instruction.

  • Thursday - Mosaic Whales $40.00, which covers mosaic kit costs.

Arctic Adventure week is meant to provide kids a safe and creative learning environment while adding a bit of fun to winter break this February.

Who is teaching the class?

Nadine Clifford, educator and owner of ConnectEd & Inspired and Arielle Wilson and Dianne Croteau, artists at ConnectEd & Inspired will be instructing the classes. All staff are CORI'd.

If you’d like to sign up for the full 4-day-week drop-off event or any of the drop-off events check out the link below.

Contact the studio with any questions at 781-480-1375.

ConnectEd & Inspired was established to encourage continuous growth through enrichment that nurtures the mind, body, and spirit. This organization also offers opportunities for students who learn and/or are educated in non-traditional ways to participate in classes that promote socialization, collaboration, and personal growth through semi-structured activities.

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